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Welcome to the Gardening section : How to collect leaves
Hate raking leaves? Here's an easy way to collect fallen leaves

In the autumn, raking leaves can sometimes seem like a never-ending task, but in order to maintain a healthy lawn you'll need to clear fallen leaves on a regular basis.

  Why collect fallen leaves? Fallen leaves can eventually damage your lawn because they block out the sunlight and smother the grass.
  Invest in a good quality lawnmower which can collect clippings, it'll save you hours of tiresome raking! When using a mover to clear leaves, you'll find the collector will fill quickly.
  You may want to use a large bag or wheelbarrow to make things easier. Leaves make great compost for your garden so...

Put leaves in your composter or if you have room in your garden you can make a simple leaf enclosure out of chicken wire for them. It may take up to 12 months for the leaves to rot down, but when mixed into garden soil will add oodles of nutrients!

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Tools: a good quality petrol lawn mover will set you back about £200 upwards. It might seem pricey compared with a cheap electric mower, but a good quality lawnmower will last for ages, so its really not that much when you think of it in terms of a 'cost per year'.

If you like a freshly cut lawn to have a 'stripped' appearence, get a lawnmower with a built-in roller attached.


Useful links: You might find a bargain priced mower on ebay. - USA - Canada


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